Lip Fillers

Lip filler treatments are a non-surgical option to define the lips, enhance the shape and increase volume.

Treatment By
Sarah Holness

Treatment Type

Results Last
6-12 Months

Treatment Length
30 Minutes

Results Seen


Replace Lost volume

Who doesn’t want beautiful, natural looking lips? Sarah offers lip filler treatments at her clinic in Petts Wood. We use premium quality dermal fillers to give your lips the boost they need and to enhance the shape.

Our lip fillers have been specifically developed to enhance the natural pattern of your lips. For definition of the lip outline, filler is introduced all around the vermillion border. For enhanced volume, lip filler is administered into the border and into the body of the lips.

Beautiful, Natural looking lips

Plump, youthful lips never go out of style, but the ageing process can leave them looking thin and lined. We use a variety of techniques to achieve smoother, fuller natural lips complementing other facial features. Lip fillers are designed to add fullness to the lips, improve lip symmetry, and reduce the signs of ageing around the mouth. Results can be seen instantly after treatment.

Lip Fillers Key points

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Sarah Holness is a registered nurse with 30 years’ experience. Book a face to face consultation at our Petts Wood aesthetic clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal Filler treatments use very small needles so pain is minimal.

Dermal fillers are contraindicated whilst pregnant or breast feeding.

Generally one treatment is required depending on the amount of filler required.

Prior to your appointment, we will take a full medical history and Sarah will assess whether you are suitable for treatment. A series of photographs will be taken too. We offer free face to face consultations at our clinic in Petts Wood. 

During your consultation you will have chance to ask questions and express any concerns about your treatment.

Results are visible immediately. It takes 7-10 days for the fillers to completely settle.

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