excessive sweating treatment

Hyperhidrosis treatments are medical injectable procedures to stop excessive sweat gland production.

Treatment By
Sarah Holness

Treatment Type

Results Last
6 Months

Treatment Length
30 Minutes

Results Seen
2-14 Days


Restore confidence

Excessive sweating can significantly affect a person’s life and can be embarrassing. Sarah offers hyperhidrosis treatments at her clinic in Petts Wood. 

Excessive sweating – this can be localised to certain areas of the face, underarms, hands or feet. Botulinum Toxin can be injected superficially in small amounts to block the action of the nerves that activate the sweat glands. The treatment usually lasts for 6 months.

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Sarah Holness is a registered nurse with 30 years’ experience. Book a face to face consultation at our Petts Wood aesthetic clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-wrinkle treatments use very small needles so pain is minimal.

We do not treat patients who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Patients will typically need one treatment per area.

Prior to your appointment, we will take a full medical history and Sarah will assess whether you are suitable for treatment. We offer free face to face consultations at our clinic in Petts Wood. 

During your consultation you will have chance to ask questions and express any concerns about your treatment.

The effects of the treatment are temporary, which means you’ll need more injections in the future, but one treatment should prevent excessive sweating for 4-8 months.

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